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Who We Serve

Ironbound Cleaning Services takes pride in providing top-notch cleaning services for businesses in New Jersey, NYC and Pennsylvania. Our professional crews are experienced in addressing common and unique needs in a wide range of industries.

Commercial Buildings

Keeping your commercial buildings clean and free from germs is imperative for maintaining a healthy work environment. This reduces the spread of pathogens that can result in increased employee illnesses and missed work. You can count on us to provide reliable and efficient cleaning services.

Industrial Complexes

Every industrial site has its own unique set of needs when it comes to maintaining a clean space. Ironbound Cleaning Services train staff on providing individualized services designed to meet your company’s specifications and requirements for keeping offices, warehouses and factory areas clean.

Distribution Centers

Distribution centers can see a lot of traffic every day, with shipments coming in and out at all hours. We work with you to set up a cleaning schedule that is not disruptive to your business operations, so that you can continue to provide the same great services to your customers.


It is well known that young children are small germ factories, but older kids and college-aged students are also frequently spreaders of contagious diseases. They don’t always abide by the rules for good hygiene. Regular professional cleaning services reduce the risk of spread in schools.

Transportation Terminals

With so many people coming through transportation terminals on any given day, maintaining a clean environment is imperative to reduce the potential for spreading germs to a large number of people. Ironbound’s facility janitorial services use the best in products and equipment to ensure your terminals are spotless.

Medical Offices

Medical environments have high standards for cleanliness and sterilization. The risk for hospital-acquired illnesses is too high to take any additional chances. Rest assured that at Ironbound Cleaning Services, we are stringent in using techniques and products that meet the high cleaning standards required in any medical facility.

Shopping Centers

Maintaining a clean shopping center is important for the business that operate inside of them and for the customers who visit. When a center is not up to par, it can drive away customers and, ultimately, businesses. We offer professional cleaning services for shopping centers and take pride in doing the job right.

Apartment Complexes

When prospective tenants arrive to look at an apartment, the first thing they notice is how well-kept and clean the common areas and leasing offices are. Making a good first impression is critical for attracting good tenants. We have the expertise and experience you need to present your complex in its best light.